Experience in NTU

I PutuGde Surya Adhitya 是印尼的物理治療師,前來臺北醫學大學攻讀博士學位。Surya對運動與運動防護十分熱衷,大學時創立運動防護隊“Voluntary Sport Fisioterapi Team”,而這次加入本系的師大田徑防護隊是跟隨柴惠敏老師學習。以下是他的所見所聞,讓我們一起看下去。

First of all, I have to say “Thank you so much” especially for Teacher Huei-Ming Chai and all Professors that I know in National Taiwan University (NTU), they gave me precious opportunities to learn about sport physical therapy and make a lot of friends in Taiwan. I am an International PhD Student in Taipei Medical University, Institute of Injury Prevention and Control. Basically, I am a physical therapist from Bali-Indonesia and also I work for Udayana University as contract lecturer there. I love sport so much since I was a kid, I spent a lot of my time to play soccer, volley ball, swimming, and basketball. Although I am not expert on those all, I dedicate myself to what I love (sport physical therapy) now.

With Teacher Huei-Ming Chai I learn a lot of things about sport physical therapy, for example: myofacial release, taping, USG (muskuloskeletal ultrasonography), and etc. She even explained to me as detail as she can about the basic knowledge behind the intervention that she gave to her patients, from how to assess to the intervention technique. Another interesting thing is the on field physical therapy service for track and field athletes at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) on Thursday nights. I observed a lot of physical therapy students from NTU were treating the athletes there, and they were very excellent for me personally when treating the athletes. I think the students will get a lot of experience and find their passion as the future physical therapist there.

Compare with my experience in my school in Bali, there is a “Voluntary Sport Fisioterapi Team (VSFT)” I started together with my peers when we were bachelor students. Fisioterapi is Indonesian language for Physical Therapy. VSFT’svision is to share the important of physical therapy to society in Bali, and it was invented just after 2 years physical therapy program was invented in my university. In this team, we went through the sport communities and gave them physical therapy services if sport competitions were held. In the beginning, most of them usually were soccer competitions, now the team also supports other sport sometimes, like taekwondo (跆拳道), futsal (室内五人制足球), martial art, and baseball. When I was in the team before, I only gave the first aid service for the athletes who got injury, but now I sometimes heard that the team also gave VO2max tests and educated athletes and organizers about the first aid technique to handle injury. 

I also have experience working in the private clinics and professional soccer team in Bali. Most of the cases there were similar with those at NTNU, however, I personally think that I learned how to assess the patients more accurately here, and I learned how to treat patients with a lot of techniques and modalities that I rarely used before, such as tapping, that we can use to prevent worst condition of athletes, and myofacial release, which helps athletes recover more quickly after the game or training.

All in all, of I have learned from Teacher Huei-Ming Chai are precious things for me, I think I am blessed to be here in Taiwan.

Thank you,


Best Regards,

I PutuGde Surya Adhitya